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Welcome to the Homeowners' Association for Clear Creek Lake, Inc.  

Clear Creek Lake, Crestview, FL. 32539



     This HOA community, situated in northern Crestview, FL was established as a charted Homeowners’ Association in 2007.  It is comprised of a 7.5 acre private lake surrounded by sixteen residential parcels.  Those properties which have a natural frontage on the lake are considered chartered members of the Association per Florida statutes governing HOAs.   Residents here enjoy the tranquility of the lake for fishing, swimming, boating with generally unabated views.  The codes and covenants of the Association ensure a peaceful environment while maintaining an appropriate and respectful balance of aesthetics with property value and general quality of life.

WELCOME to our Newest Members!

Chris and Sarah Douglass

Louie and Gina Rosa

Russ and Debbie Scheringer

Corey and Crystal Little


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