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HOA for Clear Creek Lake, Inc.
Crestview, Florida

   The Association was first chartered in 2007 and has remained a viable entity ever since with a growing community of lakefront property residents.  16 single-family resident parcels currently comprise the Clear Creek Lake shoreline.  Though most parcels are fully developed, there are still a few vacant.  Resident members enjoy a beautiful and quiet lake experience.


   The Association is self-managed and is represented by three resident owner-officers.  According to the Charter, an annual meeting is held each year with its members to discuss HOA matters and general updates.        

   The private 8-acre lake is the sole amenity of the Association and is managed by the Members.  


The earthen dam on Clear Creek Road is owned and managed by the HOA.  Permission was given to Okaloosa County to construct a paved road atop the dam as an approved easement.  As such, the road is owned and maintained by the County but the lake and earthen dam remain the private property of the HOA.  Parking on the dam, fishing and general trespassing is strictly prohibited and enforced by County authorities.

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